METEC is one Scaffolding Manufacturer who managed strictly inaccordance with ISO9001-2000 quality management system. Our system tubes are manufactured specifically to the standard of ASTM AA513-07 and our couplings meet BS1139 and EN74.2 standard. Every delivery of products will have to undergo strictpressure testing and loading testing before being sent out to customers. Our standards and ledgers of scaffolding products are fully welded by machine, resulting inclear, flat and seamless products. Our welders are well trained by AWSD1.1 to standardize Butt Jointwelding, Semi-Auto Fillet Welding and Auto Fillet Welding.

At present, our company has developed more than 800 types scaffolding and accessories. We are one of only a very few companies who can offer such a complete range ofscaffolding products. Having some of Chinese best engineers specializing inscaffolding, our company offers design through to product design and many otherhelps along the way.

Ringlock system scaffolding

Ringlock Scaffolding System

Hot dip glavanized Ringlock scaffolding for construction Ringlock scaffolding is a multi-purpose modular scaffold system which can be used for ...
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Cuplock System Scaffolding

Cuplock Scaffolding

Hot dip galvanized Cuplock scaffolding system is a well–proven heavy–duty support system. It is relatively light and easy to assemble ...
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Frame Scaffolding

Frame Scaffolding

Frame Scaffolding is a kind of light duty scaffolding and easier for moving. And a standard set of Frame Scaffolding ...
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METEC CO.,LTD scaffolding company is managed strictly inaccordance with ISO9001-2000 quality management system...


Quality System

In accordance with ISO9001
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ASTM AA513-07


Size Checking
Verticality & Levelness Checking
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Over 800 Scaffold Accessories
Auto Fillet Welding
AWS D1.1
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