Cuplock System Scaffolding

Cuplock System Scaffolding

Cuplock Scaffolding

Hot dip galvanized Cuplock scaffolding system is a well–proven heavy–duty support system. It is relatively light and easy to assemble ...
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Vertical Legs Cuplock System Scaffolding

Vertical Legs / Standard for Cuplock Scaffolding

Vertical Legs Cuplock (Standards) are principally used in access scaffolding applications and also as a base structure for formwork support ...
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Horizontal Runner Cuplock Scaffolding

Horizontal Runner / Ledger for Cuplock Scaffolding

The horizontal runner cuplock (Ledgers) are manufactured from 48.3mm O.D. tube with forged steel blade ends which locate into bottom ...
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Swivel Face Brace Cuplock Scaffolding

Swivel Face Brace for Cuplock Scaffolding

Swivel Face Brace Cuplock is bracing modular scaffolding, and also be used as obtuse angle mid rail and top or ...
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Clamp Braces for System Scaffolding

Clamp Brace for Cuplock Scaffolding

Clamp Brace Cuplock are used for the lateral bracing modular scaffolding. Clamp braces can also be used as obtuse angle ...
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side bracket cuplock Scaffolding

Side Bracket for Cuplock Scaffolding

Side Bracket Cuplock Scaffolding are used at the edge of a scaffolding to extend the reach or extension off of ...
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Steel Plank for Scaffold

Steel Plank for Cuplock Scaffolding

Steel plank cuplock is designed to span the bay by hooking to the horizontal members of the bay providing a ...
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stair Cuplock Scaffold

Stair for Cuplock Scaffolding

The stair Cuplock Scaffolding is made up of stair stringers and treads. Stair Stringers are designed as the diagonal members ...
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Toe Board for scaffolding

Toe Board for Cuplock Scaffolding

The Interlocking Toe Board cuplock is designed to enclose the bay at the deck level preventing small tools and other items from ...
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Ladder for Cuplock scaffolding

Ladder for Cuplock Scaffolding

Vertical ladders are designed to attach to the inside or outside of a scaffold tower providing safe access to various ...
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Screw Jack for scaffolding

Screw Jack for Cuplock Scaffolding

The screw jack for cuplock scaffolding is used as a starting base for a scaffold. It has an adjustable height ...
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