Ringlock System Scaffolding

Ringlock system scaffolding

Ringlock Scaffolding System

Hot dip glavanized Ringlock scaffolding for construction Ringlock scaffolding is a multi-purpose modular scaffold system which can be used for ...
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U-type Ringlock System Scaffolding

Ringlock System Scaffolding (Type 2)

Ringlock system scaffolding is a multi-purpose modular scaffold system which can be used for all forms of access and support ...
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QES Scaffolding

QES Scaffolding (Quick Erecting Scaffold)

QES Scaffolding is a fast-erecting modular scaffolding system made of galvanized steel that provides high-productivity on irregular structures and restricted ...
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Standard Ringlock

Verticals / Standard for Ringlock System Scaffolding

Verticals / Standard Ringlock is the vertical members of ringlock scaffolding; they provide the vertical support for scaffolding. Material: Q235/Q345 Diameter: 48.3*3.2mm/48.3*3.25mm ...
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Ledger for ringlock scaffolding

Ledgers/Horizontals for Ringlock System Scaffolding

Ledgers are the horizontal members of ringlock scaffolding, they provide horizontal support for loads and planks. Ledgers can also be ...
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Truss ledger ringlock scaffold

Double Ledger / Truss Ledger Ringlock System Scaffolding

Double ledger / Truss ledger ringlock scaffold are horizontal members of Ringlock scaffolding that allow for increased load carrying capacities ...
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Bay Braces Ringlock scaffold

Bay Braces for Ringlock System Scaffolding

Bay braces are used for the lateral bracing ringlock scaffolding. Bay braces can also be used as obtuse angle mid ...
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Clamp Braces for System Scaffolding

Clamp Braces for Ringlock System Scaffolding

Clamp Braces Ringlock are used for the lateralbracing modular scaffolding. Clamp braces can also be used as obtuse angle midrail ...
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Side Bracket Ringlock System Scaffolding

Side Bracket for Ringlock System Scaffolding

Side Bracket Ringlock scaffold are made of 48.3 mm with 3.2 mm wall thickness outside diameter galvanized tube. Item Description Surface ...
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Steel Plank for Scaffold

Steel Plank for Ringlock System Scaffolding

Steel Plank ringlock scaffold is designed to span the bay by hooking to the horizontal members of the bay providing ...
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Lattice Girder

Lattice Girder for Ringlock System Scaffolding

Lattice Girder are horizontal members of ringlock scaffolding that allow for scaffolding over large spans or gaps of 7’/2.13m-28’/8.52m. Material: Q235.Q345 ...
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Stair Ringlock System Scaffolding

Stair for Ringlock System Scaffolding

Stair Ringlock Scaffolding Stair Ringlock is made up of stringers and treads. Stair stringers are designed as the diagonal member ...
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